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Contrary to popular belief, the Über-Maus Project does not result from the obsession of its creator, the well-known aesthete Count Sisto Settimo Sorga, for rats. In fact, he has never manifested excessive sympathy nor total repulsion for these small beasts, always considered to be the arch-enemies of mankind, even though so similar to human beings. What really captures his artistic interest is, in fact, the strong contrast created when mixing these creatures, always unquestionably considered harmful to men and consequently carrying a burden of unpropitious prejudices and negative connotations, with vivid and brilliant colours, which completely distort their identity, transforming them into something totally new, absurd, illogical and anachronistic. The Count’s bizarre craze, then, cannot be directly related to rodents, but rather can be associated with those hallucinogenic mice and lysergic and psychedelic rats that populate his lively and imaginative artistic mind.

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