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KB! is my "Bernie Taupin" (reference for all those children of the 1970's). KB! is an award winning C.A.D. Designer and Ninja Goldsmith based in Minneapolis, MN. When she's not busy building beautiful one-of-a-kind diamond wedding rings, she's spending time with her horses. If she's not hand engraving groomsmen gifts and accessories, then she is helping me come up with new RIDICULOUSLY COOL exclusive cufflinks for our on-line gallery. Beneath the hard candy shell, she is an extraordinary talent! All of us at WMDEAN would be lost without her.

The cufflinks and stud buttons in this collection start with the inspired brilliance of artist Marcel Duchamp. We seek out found objects such as vintage buttons and pins, authentic colorful gemstones, interesting coins, modern resin cameos and vintage glass cabochons. Then, using our exclusive version of a mushroom style fixed back, we mold these designs for small scale manufacturing.  The result is a heavy, rough and rugged cufflink that is perfect with your pin-striped suit or your faded jeans and favorite pair of "kicks"!

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