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Cufflink artist and connoisseur WMDEAN is proud to present for your consideration... Coriandoli!

Italian for confetti, Coriandoli is also the name of small candies that are wrapped in colorful paper and given out on special occasions or celebrations. Our Coriandoli Cufflinks are "Colorful Candy" that are to be worn during ALL your special occasions and celebrations!

This collection is split into two categories: Dolci Due Lato (CANDY on both sides) and Dolci Un Lato (CANDY on one side). These colorful (candy like) gemstones are secured in settings made of fine metals such as Bronze, Silver and Gold. They are made in just the proper size to give that detailed expression of high fashion to your wardrobe.

Coriandoli, inspired by ALL of the beauty Italy has to offer, is Made in the U.S.A. by WMDEAN.

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