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250 (125 Pair) 10mm Pad Silver Tone Cufflink Backs
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250 (125 Pair) 10mm Pad Silver Tone Cufflink Backs


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WMDEAN is proud to offer for your consideration... (125 Pair) 250 brand new silver tone cufflink backs with 10mm pads. These are perfect for securing your favorite found objects... making them FANTASTIC cufflinks! In addition to the backs, we will be including our FREE report that includes many of our secrets to making perfect cufflinks. This report contains over 10 years of hard work that has made WMDEAN the King of Handmade Cufflinks. It will provide you with all the expertise that you need in order create your own cufflinks. While you are shopping, please check out our store, where you will find more colors, styles and quantities of cufflink backs!